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SSF3044 (WA21): Sociology of Development (AP Dr Poline Bala)
SSA3033: Security and National DefenseThis course requires an enrolment key
SSA2054: International Politics in Asia Pacific (Dr. Lucy Sebli- Seidelson)
SSF1083: Gender, Ethnicity and Class (Dr. Lucy Sebli- Seidelson)
SSR3054 (Group 1): Remote Sensing and GISInformation
SSS3033: Social Work Practice 3: Health and Medical Social Work
SSY2034: Sociology of YouthInformation
SSF2063: Approaches to Social Inquiry (Dr Sharifah Sophia)This course requires an enrolment key
SSF3044: Sociology of Development (Dr Sharifah Sophia)This course requires an enrolment key
SSS2013: Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work
SSU1033: Introduction to Psychology
SSB2054: Trade Union & Industrial Relations Systems (Siti Fateha)
SSF2014: Research Method (Dr Mohd Suhaidi)
SSX0022_FSS: Hubungan Etnik (Dayangku Norasyikin)
SSY3024: Rural Sociology and Social Transformation (Dr Mohd Suhaidi)