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KNF1023: Engineering Mathematics 2
KNC3273: Process DesignThis course requires an enrolment key
KNR3513: Power System Analysis
KNR3483: Power Quality and Reliability
KNS2723: Numerical Methods & Statistics This course requires an enrolment key
KNL1053 (PKEK): Analog Electronics (Dr Ngu Sze Song)
KNR3243: Power Electronics (Yonis . m. yonis buswig)
KNU1053: Safety Management in Workplace
KNS2163: Geotechnical Engineering
KNR3522: Electrical Lab 2
KNC2123: Heat and Mass Transfer
KNC1101: Chemical Engineering Laboratory 1This course allows guest users to enter
KNR2123: Software Engineering (Dr Hima Shabani Shaban Hassan)
KNL3183: Microelectronics