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STF1103 (Group 4): Statistics for Biology 2 (Siti Nurlydia Sazali)
STF1103 (Group 8): Statistics for Biology 2 (Dr Dayang Salwani)
STF1103 (Group 1): Statistics for Biology II (AP Dr Charlie Laman)
STB3053: Bioprocess Technology
STF1053 (Group 2): Biodiversity (Dr Siti Akmar Khadijah)This course requires an enrolment key
STF1053 (Group 1): Biodiversity (AP Dr Ruhana Hassan)
STU1033: Aquatic Science and Daily Life (G1, G2, G3, G4)This course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
STT2113: Plant Propagation (Prof Hamsawi Sani)
STT3123: Forest Plantation Management (Prof Hamsawi Sani)
STU2073: Natural Resource Management (Dr Siti Rubiah Zainudin)
STF2083: Scientific Communication (Prof Dr Kopli)
TMX1022 G8: ICT Competency (AP Dr Chin Suk Fun)
TMX1022_FRST G4: ICT Competency (Dr Zinnirah Shabdin)
STT2353: Plant Molecular Systematics (Dr Aida Shafreena)This course requires an enrolment key
STB3142: Enzymology