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Faculty of Resource and Science Technology (FRST)

Faculty of Resource and Science Technology

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Core Courses
Pulp and Paper
Remote Sensing & GIS
Advanced Biochemistry
Advanced Genetics
Advanced Microbiology
Advanced Molecular Biology
Application in Biotechnology 1
Application in Biotechnology 2
Basic Microbiology
Bioprocess Technology
Cell and Tissue Culture
Cell Biology
Chemistry of Biological Compound
Developmental Biology
Environmental Biotechnology
Final Year Project 2
Food Biotechnology
Functional Genomics and Proteomics
Gene Manipulation
General Genetics
General Physiology
History and Philosophy of Science
Industrial Training
Instrumentation And Laboratory Management
Introduction to Biotechnology
Medical Biotechnology
Molecular Biology
Plant and Animal Biotechnology
Practical for Microbiology
Principles Of Biochemistry
Recombinant DNA Technology
Scientific Communication
Social Issues in Biotechnology
Virology and Immunology
Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry 1
Analytical Chemistry II
Chemical Instrumentation
Chemistry of Biomacromolecules
Chemistry of Functional Groups
Combinatorial Chemistry
Coordination Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry 1
Environmental Chemistry II
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Management System
Environmental Toxicology
Final Year Project 1
Food Chemistry
Forensic Chemistry
General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2
Heterocyclic Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry 1
Inorganic Chemistry II
Introduction To Environmental Science
Kinetics Chemistry
Marine Natural Products
Medicinal Chemistry
Molecular Spectroscopy
Natural Product Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Functional Group Chemistry
Organic Synthesis
Petroleum Chemistry
Petroleum Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Chemistry of Biological Compounds
Physical Chemistry 1
Physical Chemistry II
Practicals for Analytical Chemistry
Practicals for Inorganic Chemistry
Practicals for Physical and Organic Chemistry
Scientific Communication
Scientific Communication and Research Ethics
Special Topics in Chemistry
Statistic for Chemistry
Waste Management Technology
Aquaculture Management
Aquatic Botany
Aquatic Instrumentation and Methodology
Aquatic Instrumentation and Methodology 1
Aquatic Science and Daily Life
Aquatic Vertebrates
Biological Oceanography
Coastal Fisheries Management
Coastal Zone Management
Conservation Genetics in Aquatic Ecosystem
Coral Reef Ecology
Current Issues in Coastal Biomonitoring
Inland and Coastal Fisheries
Mangrove and Estuarine Ecology
Marine and Freshwater Invertebrates
Physical Oceanography
Remote Sensing and GIS
Animal Nutrition
Animal Population Ecology
Animal Systematics
Captive Animal Management
Conservation Biology
Current Issues on Biological Sciences
Environmental Auditing and Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Law
Evolution and Population Genetics
Field And Laboratory Techniques
Field Ecology
Final Year Project 1
Introduction to Animal Pest Management
Invertebrate Biology
Paliobiology and Evolution
Park and Wildlife Management
Sampling Methods and Analysis
Statistics for Biology 1
Statistics for Biology 2
Techniques in Molecular Ecology
Vertebrate Biology
Wood Science and Technology
Advanced Crop Protection and Management
Database Application in Plant Taxonomy
Environmental Auditing And Impact
Forest Plantation Management
Forest Science and Management
Harvesting and Processing Technology
Introduction to Ecology
Mycology Application and Conservation
Natural Resource Management and Legislation
Nature-based Recreation and Ecotourism
Pesticide Science
Plant Breeding and Improvement
Plant Chemotaxonomy
Plant Molecular Systematics
Plant Physiology
Plant Propagation
Plant Propagation and Nursery Technique
Plant Systematics
Plant Utilisation and Legislation
Plantation Crop Management
Plantation Silviculture
Post Harvest Handling Technology
Post Harvest Technology
Principal of Pest Management
Principles of Pest Management
Soil Fertility and Management
Soil Science
Soils in Our Environmental
Taxonomy of Vascular Plant
Wood Bioterioration and Preservation
Wood Science and Technology

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